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The Northwest Project pilots strategies to help families sustain their long-term success in emerging from circumstances that have kept them under resourced. The curriculum focuses on 10 key areas for stability: accountability, parent training, transportation, housing, childcare, financial planning, job training, education, resolved legal issues, and health and wellbeing.

The educational curriculum is called RISE (Reaching Independence through Support and Education). The model is adapted to meet specific needs and implement programming with the resources available in the community.

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks selected northwest Springfield for this project because the area exceeds the city’s overall 25.6% poverty rate. NWP is a collaboration among Missouri State University, Drury University, and Drew Lewis Foundation.

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Allies are community volunteers working to move families and communities into economic stability, through support, collaboration, and advocacy. An Ally is a person who volunteers to assist a RISE member in achieving their goals to move to self-sufficiency. We partner families experiencing poverty with supportive intentional friends in the community.

Adopt a family in your community and impact poverty from the inside out with Springfield Connect. Businesses, churches, and individuals in the community can help support a local family to break the cycle of poverty by committing long-term support in the form of:

  • Spring clothes
  • Summer youth programming
  • Back-to-school supplies
  • Holiday meals
  • Family home needs, and more.

DLF Housing

DLF Healthy Homes is an initiative helping families improve home health conditions. The program provides in-home education and guidance to help families reach the eight Keep It principles. Keep It: Dry, Pest-free, Safe, Clean, Energy Efficient, Well Ventilated, Maintained, and Contaminant-free. All RISE members are offered Health Homes services. The program is funded by the Missouri Foundation for Health.

The Blue House Project is a privately funded home ownership program. The mission is to purchase and renovate homes in Grant Beach neighborhood. The houses are refurbished and then rented to RISE members with the understanding that families will take over ownership within two years. Families are chosen based on need and ability to purchase the home. The home ownership program includes education and monthly home visits.

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